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Thread Lift Treatment in Noida

As we mature in age, we lose facial fat. Also, the facial support structures gets fragile. To restructure facial contour and recoup young-looking appearance, thread lift is a safe alternate to old-style facelift cosmetic surgery. It is also named as ‘lunch hour lift’. This procedure decreases drooping around jawline, cheeks and neck. It lifts sagging eyebrows and deep nasolabial folds. Rather than dramatic outcomes, thread lift offers subtle and modest changes. The retrieval time is very less; the result is instantaneous, is minimally invasive, economical, carries no hazard of general anesthesia and has a downtime of only 24 hours.


What is a thread lift?

A thread lift is an aesthetic process that treats minor facial and neck drooping to render a revitalized appearance. It can be done on middle face, lower face, neck or brow. The treated region is elevated and drooping is reduced. The scarring is virtually indiscernible, and threads are concealed within the skin once they are snarled. Many a times, thread lift is done in blend with other non-invasive techniques such as laser treatments, anti-wrinkle injections and facial peel to enhance the texture of the skin.

The process

Generally, a thread lift can be implemented in an hour. So, in that hour of your time, threads will be implanted beneath your facial tissues to lift drooping eyebrows, eyelids, deep folds, or aging neck tissues. There are barbs on one end of the thread that clutch the drooping skin, and tusks on the other side attach the skin to the nearby facial tissues. This entire procedure is implemented with a thin needle and no cuts or stitches are needed. Consequently, there is no scarring as with an old-style face lift.


In a thread facelift, there is no cutting of skin so the outcomes are very subtle. You cannot emerge looking like somebody else, only like a younger-looking you, with more poise to your face. It is a fantastic route for anybody who desires to look younger, but simultaneously minimalize the possibility that they won't look like themselves after the process. You can look 5 to 10 year younger to win routine competition with younger folks. You can get control over your aged skin by lifting drooping cheeks and jowls with this procedure.

Are you unhappy with your drooping skin? If yes, you can opt for thread lift treatment at Elixir Health Care in Noida, India.

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