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Antenatal Care in Noida

Are you pregnant? If so, are you making certain that you and your baby are fit? The significance of antenatal care cannot be underestimated as it could detect anomalies and avoidable ailments in mother and child. Expectant parents who have queries surrounding pregnancy should contemplate joining an antenatal class in Noida owing to the support, health advice and guidance on offer. There are numerous imperative aspects to antenatal care and delivery and finding the right doctor for this can go a long way to guaranteeing pregnant mums-to-be reap the paramount physical and psychological advantages obtainable. Regular antenatal checkups and weekly lessons can help your pregnancy along.

What is antenatal care?

To give your baby a healthy beginning in life, start your antenatal visits as early as probable. This assists your clinician to identify any complications and treat them timely. During your first visit, your doctor will collect some info from you relating to:

  • Prior pregnancies and deliveries

  • Diseases and allergies that you might have

  • Medicine that you are taking

  • Family history of genetic ailments, high blood pressure or diabetes

  • Your first visit will also be lengthier. Your urine and blood pressure will be tested. You will be weighed and measured and a blood sample will be taken to know your blood group and whether you are positive or negative. You will also be screened for anemia, syphilis & HIV.

Furthermore, your doctor will conduct a general inspection of your heart, breasts and stomach. During following visits, your weight, urine, blood pressure and dimensions of uterus will continue to be supervised. Your doctor would also like to know when you feel your baby moving for the first time. Besides these routine tests, your doctor might do an ultrasound scan on you. This scan tells the baby's position, growth rate, any anomalies, manifestation of twins and position of the placenta.

Being pregnant is delightful and it is even better when you meet other expectant parents. Not only do antenatal programs offer the opportunity for friendly support, but you are also accomplished on the finer points of dealing with pregnancy, how your kid is developing, what to anticipate when you give birth and how to set about giving your baby the best just after the birth. Search for classes that cover all the labour and birthing choices and also early baby care. If you are still hesitant about how prenatal care is. please talk to us at Elixir Health Care.

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