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Hymenoplasty Surgery in Noida

When it comes to the body of a female, there are several things that a lady might dislike about her own body, whether it is for ethnical reasons or even for the reason of a previous pregnancy, progressively more females are eyeing into a hymenoplasty process as a means of overhauling their hymen.

What is hymenoplasty and how is it done?

Hymenoplasty is a surgical process of re-building the walls of the hymen. It also known as hymen repair or hymen reconstruction surgery. A hymen is a thin sheath pinkish in color that shields the opening of private parts and is situated half an inch inside the opening. The function of the hymen has been anticipated as a barricade against peripheral sources of infection until puberty. Breaking of the hymen usually occurs during the first intercourse. However, the hymen might be torn owing to strenuous activities like bicycling, horseback riding and physical exercises. Usage of tampons can also break a hymen early. Some females are even born without a bit of a hymen. The process is done under local anesthesia; patients are laid in the lithotomy position. Hymenoplasty is executed by hitching the torn fragments of the hymen with dissolvable stitches that take 15-21 days to liquefy. The method necessitates the altering of the ruptured hymen tags and then sewing. A trivial space is left for the menstrual blood to flow out. Post process, antiseptic ointment is applied but no dressing is required.

Why females opt for hymenoplasty?

There are several reasons why ladies opt to undergo this process such as:

  • Cultural concerns -in some cultures, hymen is a precious thing and it is considered a symbol of purity and decency; consequently, any lady who has broken her hymen can opt for this process so as to fit in her culture.

  • To remedy rape, incest and sexual abuse-for females who have been victims of rape and other types of sexual brutality, undergoing this operation is a remarkable way to retrieve what was taken from them. When females undergo the operation and have their hymen back, it aids them to heal much quicker from the harsh experience.

  • Rectify hymen damage –sometimes, a virgin lady will have her hymen impaired because of vigorous physical workouts or usage of tampons. A lady who has impaired her hymen might contemplate this surgery so as to rectify the impaired hymen.

  • Re-virginization-virginity is regarded as an exclusive gift in marriage; consequently, a female can undergo this surgery so as to offer her virginity as a special gift to her spouse.

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