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Labia Majora Augmentation India

We live on earth and as time passes by, the planet’s gravity pulls forces everything to descend, and our genitalia are no exclusion. Labia majora are supposed to be a fatty structure with a huge appearance that with time and our natural aging course begin to lose fatty tissue, get wrinkly and feel and appear hollow. These age-related variations not only affect the physical look of the female peripheral genitalia, but also interrupt sexual functioning. The sexual self-confidence drops, occasioning in a substantial psychosocial deficiency. This is why lots of patients look forward to some type of labia majora augmentation. This is a surgical procedure where all the unappealing, sagging skin is removed accompanied by some of the underlying tissue that has lost its aptitude to retain resilience. The residual connective tissue is then shriveled and compacted using specialized surgical methods, followed by joining the restored skin edges with fine dissolving stitches.

What is labia majora?

Situated at the margin of the labia minora, the labia majora is the most visible portion of the female vulva and encompasses ample fat tissues and glands. Its main function is to offer outer safety to the vagina and give out lubricating fluids and also upturn the intimacy with male genitals during sexual intercourse. Tissues in the labia majora are usually ample in numbers and flexible during puberty, but due to aging, pregnancy, lower extremity frequent motion, body weight reduction and even friction from body-hugging clothes, they steadily grow into atrophic or pigmented to give an appearance of skin slackness or reduction.

Procedure of labia majora augmentation

To reinstate the earlier fullness and flexibility of the labia majora, patients have to contemplate correction by plastic surgeries. Presently, two procedures are accessible for labia majora augmentation. One is an injection of non-surgical high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (Sub-Q or Macrolene), which being quick and convenient, endures the outcomes for only about 6 months, occasioning in the dangers of obstruction and swelling of the labia majora glands. It is primarily used for the rectification of minor labia majora shrinkage or laxity. The other method is enhancement of the labia majora by an autologous fat injection as a surgical technique just like fat injection at other body portions, which requires the liposuction of surplus fats and injection into the labia majora after cleansing and filtration. Postoperative inflammation is moderately noticeable, and recovery is pretty long; this method offers lengthier and more constant effects than the dose of hyaluronic acid. Consequently, it is principally used for the rectification of severe labia majora deterioration.

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