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Labiaplasty in Noida

How one's outward sex organs appear can at times affect one's self-confidence. Some females do not like the appearance of external genital folds that are enormous or excessively unequal, which is a condition named protuberant labia. Females who are sexually active or who wear tight-fitting garments or swimsuits get uncomfortable with this condition. There are occurrences when this causes physical discomposure during sexual intercourse. Labiaplasty is a specialized surgical process that rectifies a professed unappealing labial appearance by the decrease of the outer folds of the labia minora, the tissue adjoining the vulva of the vagina. This operation is executed for medical purposes, aesthetic causes or a blend of both reasons.

What is labiaplasty?

There is an increasing acceptance for the cosmetic process labiaplasty among females of late. This is principally a process where the labia minora or the tissue adjoining the vaginal opening and clitoris is reformed according to the woman's requirements. Labiaplasty is done with soluble sutures and the cuts are hardly noticeable after complete healing and the vaginal lips would become thinner and look much enhanced.

Why should you undergo labiaplasty?

The crucial purpose for considering undergoing Labiaplasty is for the lady to feel good about herself emotionally and physically. Other reasons for going through labiaplasty are:

  • Labial ailment or injury, like after childbirth

  • Vaginal pleats appearing enormous

  • Uneven labia

  • Dangling or protuberant labia

  • Discomposure in physical actions caused by the dimensions or thickness of the labia

  • Uneasiness when wearing tight clothes owing to labial size

  • For a young-looking vagina

The procedure

Labiaplasty is considered a minor surgery and is therefore executed as an outpatient process. Conventionally, this is done by removing off the surplus skin then stitching over the edge. A newer method involves cutting the bulging skin into a V-shape and sewing together the upper and lower ends. The only stitch line then would look like a trivial transverse line. This operation is carried out for 1 to 1.5 hours with local anesthesia.

Post procedure

Only petty discomposure would be there after the operation, for which pain relievers would be recommended for numerous days. You can turn back to light activities on the same day but the doctor would vouch for sidestepping hefty exercises and sexual intercourse for 3 to 4 weeks after operation. There could be mild to temperate inflammation in 2 to 3 days although the region expectedly reconciles speedily.

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