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menopause treatment in Noida

Menopause is the termination of menstrual periods owing to the loss of ovarian function. Amid the several chapters of a lady’s life, menopause has the supreme influence on health and has been one of the most ignored capacities of research. Hormonal variations instigated by menopause can result in issues in the skin and its extensions, genitourinary complications and dyspareunia, some of which necessitate appropriate counseling and care while others call for treatment and interventions. Menopause is a challenging time for maximum females, due at least in part to hormone vacillations. Most of the complications are provisional and simply bothersome, but some are categorical perilous. It is suggested that females who are sexually active and are approaching menopause visit their doctors yearly for a complete physical inspection. With this, issues can be sensed early as prevention is better than cure.

Menopause is the ending period of the menstrual cycle in ladies and it is confirmed when after a specific age, a lady misses her periods for a cycle of 1 year. Menopause also marks the end of fertility in females and the decrease in the functioning of the ovaries owing to aging. It also means lower levels of estrogen and other hormones created in the body of the females. The common signs of the menopausal years are several and they differ in intensity. These symptoms might be triggered by altering levels of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone such as:


It is prudent that you refer a gynecologist who has a special interest in ladies' health when you first experience premenopausal signs. If you are one of those fortunate females who experience no premenopausal symptoms, you should visit your doctor once you comprehend that menopause is taking or has taken place. During menopause, you will feel some uncomfortable fluctuations in your body. By learning the common indicators and how to overcome them, menopause and post menopause won't be frightening any longer. If you encounter signs like hot flashes, night sweats or vaginal dryness that are troubling you and meddling with your lifestyle, your doctor might suggest taking estrogen and perhaps progesterone, which is referred to as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Taking these hormones can provide relief from your symptoms and avert bone loss because of menopause.

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